Oct 12, 2016

2016 Lidstone Kyusha Taikai: Results

Results of the 2016 annual Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Kendo Taikai, Sat 8 October 2016, at LSBU Sports Centre, London.

1st Place: Scott Gordon, Tora Dojo
2nd Place: Felice D’Arco, Tora Dojo
3rd Place: Mindaugas Levanas, Tsubaki / Marcin Kos, London Kenyukai
Fighting Spirit Prize: Fatima Guba, Shoshinkai
Peter Gibson Prize (indomitable uncompromising kendo): Juan Orellana, Tora Dojo / Xingkun Yang, Nenriki Kendo Club
Angel Prize (fastest point): Go Hirano, Edinburgh University

The day began with shiai geiko in groups – each group guided by one or two senior kendoka per group. This was an informal way to give the competitors more experience of shiai before the actual competition.

In the afternoon, 50 Kyu grades from some 20 clubs competed in a well-fought and spirited contest. As in previous years, the 1st-3rd prizes were awarded by Mr Andrew Lidstone, with other members of the Lidstone family present. The other prizes were presented by Mrs Morioka, a first generation Nenriki member, who had the privilege of training with Mr R. A. Lidstone.


The following recordings can be viewed on the Nenriki YouTube channel:

Complete Taikai (Shiai-jō A & Shiai-jō B)
Final: Camera 1 & Camera 2
More clips can also be viewed within the event playlist.

The day finished with jigeiko and then some food on the premises, with many moving on to the Rising Sun pub for social drinks.

We are most grateful for the kindness and generosity of all the seniors in making this a warm hearted and welcoming day for the participants, including:

David Ansell
Josh Banard
Errol Blake
Declan Clowry
Andrew Dean
Young Park (chief referee)
David Pepper
Xosé Guimil Rey
Victor Richardson
Pascal Stiefenhofer
Joe Tsoi
Nigel Westaway

Clubs participating:

Brighton Kendo Club
British Army
Edinburgh University
Edinburgh/Tsurugi Bashi
Ichi Byo Shi
Kagami Shin Dojo
London Kenyukai
Nenriki Kendo Club
Oxford Kendo Club
Queen Mary University
Tora Dojo
Tsubaki Kendo Club
UCL Kendo Club

Finally, we’d like to thank all participants for your graciousness in sharing your kendo with us. The taikai wouldn’t be possible without you. We hope to see you again at a future event.