Basic Equipment

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Kendo Armour (Bogu)

Armour (Bogu) protects the participant from strikes with the shinai, so that one can practice safely.

Practice clothing (Keiko gi) is worn in order to train comfortably and safely and is based on the traditional clothing from the samurai period.

If looked after properly bogu can last many years. Keiko gi should be washed regularly and bogu should be aired between practices.

Hakama – The skirt worn during practice, also part of the formal clothing worn by Japanese men in traditional life.
Keikogi – The jacket worn during practice.
Tare – Worn around the hips to protect the lower part of the body .
Do – Protects the chest.
Himo – The strings that secure the men or do.
Shinai -The training sword used in modern kendo, made of bamboo and leather.
Kote – Protects the hands and wrists.
Men – Protects the head.