Jan 19, 2016

50th Anniversary

Since 1966, we have been practising at Elephant and Castle, London. This year, 2016, is the 50th anniversary of Nenriki Kendo Club’s founding. We hope you will join us in our celebrations through the year.

With more announcements to follow, we’d like to invite you to the following confirmed events.

12th March: Nenriki 50th Anniversary Meeting, with Mr. Shintaro Osaki (the very first teacher at Nenriki) visiting on this date. [Article]

4th June: Nenriki Taikai on Saturday 04 June 2016. [Article]

16th/17th July: Harashima sensei seminar. [Article]

8th October: Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Taikai. [Article]

10th/11th December: Ono-ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu Course. [Article]

Please keep an eye on this page, and the BKA calendar for more details.