Apr 1, 2017

Aoyama Sensei Visit

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Aoyama sensei 7 Dan for his kind visit to Nenriki Dojo in the last week of March. In the last session he gifted us with a special lesson on the basics of kendo covering the following points:

  1. Kamae or standing form, from the viewpoints of foot, hands, shoulder, waist, eyes.
  2. Shinai as a sword- how to hold, where to hit, with the combination of power and relaxation.
  3. Hitting places- which part of men,  kote, dou and tsuki.
  4. Ashi or footwork- Okuri ashi, most basic work, ayumi-ashi, walking step, tsugi- ashi or bring first left toe close to the right foot, fumikomi-ashi, or with hitting movement. kaiten- turn around to face the other. And how to move, when to step forward, backward, right, left, etc.
  5. Hitting motion- always step forward and hit, not to rely arms only. Use your whole body.
  6. Zanshin or keeping fighting spirit to the other, watch and point shinai to the other.

His generous guidance was very much appreciated, and we hope to have him return to us before too long.