Apr 27, 2016

Nenriki Dojo 50th Anniversary Taikai and Jigeiko.

Nenriki Taikai (800x800)


All BKA members are most warmly invited to the celebratory Nenriki Taikai on Saturday 04 June 2016.

There will be an explanatory session at the beginning showing the development of shinai kendo from old schools and the relationship with ZNKR kata.

Entry Fee: £5 (payable at the door)

Registration: 1:00PM-1:30PM
It would greatly help us in planning if you would please email us at start@kendo.co.uk to let us know you are coming – otherwise, just turn up!


LSBU Sports Centre
Academy of Sport
London South Bank University
100-116 London Road,
London SE1 6LN
(Corner of London Rd and Thomas Doyle St.)




The development of shinai kendo : 1:30PM-2:15PM
Shiai: 2:15PM-4.15PM
Jigeiko: 4:15PM-5:00PM

Drink in the Rising Sun. 50 years in the same pub!

The only qualification for entry will be sufficient experience of Kendo to be able to safely attempt shiai. There will be no categories and no pools. The scoring system will be based on ‘loser scores’ and winning the match is only on ‘ippon shobu’. So, there will likely be several runs of the taikai on the day, and everyone should get the chance to have multiple fights. It is an opportunity for all to enjoy a thought-provoking take on shiai geiko.

You only have to wear armour, be willing to learn and be brave! Ganbatte kudasai minna san!